If I sign up for a beginning level and upgrade later to pro will my website name remain the same or would I be starting over?

Yes, it will stay the same.


How do I change the Sponsor when someone enrolls?

You can set a different sponsor # than enroller number in settings or call Young Living and change it after they signup.


Does the price stay the same for years 2, 3,4  & beyond?

Price may change if our costs increase. However, we don’t have any plans to increase at this time.


Can I use a custom domain (web address)?

Yes! If you purchase a domain we will help you install it.


Is it a WordPress website?

Yes! We use WordPress platform.


How much control of WordPress do I get?

You have control over most things that a WordPress admin would have. However, in order to minimize issues subscribers do not have the capability to edit menu for current pages and add plugins.


Do you accept Paypal for payment?

We only accept credit card payments that are entered when our subscribers’ input their information.


Do you have the capability to collect contacts and send our communications to them?

We do have the capability to collect contact info & email addresses. We don’t have capability to email them from our software at this time.


Can I see examples of your graphics that you provide?

Sure! Please visit  myoilgraphic.com.


Can you tell me more about your automatic blog feature?

Sure! If you are an Infuse subscriber you will get 1-2 blog posts to your blog per month. These blog posts may include the monthly promo, what it means to become a member and highlight of products.


Does your website include hosting?

Yes! We include hosting in the subscription.


Can we use our own branding/logo?

Yes you can! You can replace the Young Living Distributor logo in the top header with your logo or put it on the body of content on the home page.


What will my url/web address look like?

It will look like yourpreference.myoilsite.com. We can also install a custom domain that you purchased from another provider.


Do you provide email addresses & email support?

We do not provide email addresses.


Can I blog on my website if I subscribe?

Yes! You have the capability to blog.